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Dancerents is a platform that allows Dance Spaces owners to rent their property to other website’s users. If you own a Dance Studio, an Artistic Residence, a Photographic Studio, a Dance Venue or another kind of creative Dance Space you can list your property for FREE on Dancerents.

By listing your Dance Space you will be able to earn revenues by renting it to other users looking for a Dance Space to rent.

As a Dance Space Owner you can increase the visibility and the reach of your property by listing it on Dancerents.

If you are a dancer, a choreographer, a teacher or just someone looking for a Dance Space you can find thousands of places to rent on Dancerents and use it for rehearsing, creating or performing.

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Yes, in order to use our Services both as a Host or as a Guest, you will need to create a FREE Account.

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Absolutely Yes!

If you are a Dance Studio owner you’re more than welcome to rent your Studios on Dancerents. Whether it is a small and cozy Studio or a huge space you can rent it and start earning revenues from it.

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Yes, as a Host you can list your Dance Space for free. You can also earn revenues every time someone rents it.

If you are a Guest looking for Dance Spaces to rent you will just have to pay the rental fee set by the Host.

Dancerents will also apply a small commission paid by Guests who will book a space.

There are no commissions applied to Hosts.

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Feel free to Contact Us

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No. We don’t offer any kind of subscription to our users. This means you won’t have to pay anything. Never.

As a Host you will just earn revenues by renting your Dance Space. The website won’t take any commissions on your bookings.

As a Guest instead, you will just have to pay for your bookings (which include both the price of the Dance Spaces you’re renting + website commissions).

We don’t apply any commission to Hosts when someone books their space. It’s just free to use and you earn the price you set.


We charge Guests a 10% commission on every booking, which is way less than many other platforms do. Whether you are booking, as a Guest, a Dance Space for 2 people or for a group of 20, the commission will be the same, and won’t be multiplied by the number of Guests.

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We do! We currently have a special plan for Universities which consists of a reduced 7% commission on any booking instead of the standard fee (10%).

How to apply? Just register with an Institutional e-mail address (.edu) and the commission will be automatically updated.

The reduced commission will be valid up to 3 years after registration without further verification needed. It can also be extended up to 5 years, upon validation after the first 3 years period.

Dance Spaces and Bookings

Dance Space Hosts:

As a Host you can list your Dance Space for rent. During the listing process you will be able to add all the necessary details to your listing (price, location, rules and conditions, opening hours/days, price extras, description, photos, etc). Every time a user books your Space you will receive a Booking Request. You can decide to manually accept bookings or to accept them automatically.

Once you have accepted the booking, the user will be charged. You will not receive the money for the booking as long as the booking is open or active. A booking is considered closed/fulfilled when both the Host and the Guest have confirmed that the booking was succesful.

If there’s a problem with the booking (both on the side of the Host or of the Guest), parties have the possibility of dispute the booking. Our Team will check the situation and take action such as refund/not refund the Guest for the money paid for the booking, suspending/closing an Account infringing the Terms of Service of the webite, providing further assistance to the disputing Host/Guests.

Dance Space Guests:

As a Guest you can rent any Dance Space listed on Dancerents. Please make sure to carefully read the description of the listing and, if necessary, get in touch with the Host BEFORE booking his Space to collect any important details and information. Hosts will be able to accept or decline your booking. If you booking is accepted you can discuss further details with the Host about your reservation. If you have any doubts you can always check the Terms of Service.

If you have any kind of problem with a booking (with a Guest or with a Host) you must immediately contact our Support Team and dispute the booking. You can dispute the booking on the booking page (scroll down until the end of the booking page).

If your experience with the Guest/Host was not as expected but still acceptable, you can always leave a review to let other users know about it. We take disputes very seriously so please use them carefully and just if the problem is something that can’t be solved in another way.

If you can’t book a Dance Space for any reason please let us know. There may be a problem with your Account. Also make sure you confirmed your email address when registering.

99% of the Dance Spaces listed on Dancerents are legit and trusted. In some few cases there could be, like in every listing website, unfortunately, attempts of posting fake listings by some malicious users. If the Dance Space you rented as a Guest doesn’t exist (fraudulent listing) DO NOT go further and let us know. You will have the right of being fully refunded (and we will take care of the Account of the scammer for you).

Yes, you can submit as many listings as you wish.

If you have more than one Dance Space to rent (whether it be in the same building or in different ones) you must create two different listings for two different Spaces. This is for avoiding any kind of ambiguity or confusion for you or your Guests.

Of course. Some Dance Space Hosts allow Guests to book their properties for more than 1 hour. Anyway, this is up to them. This means that in some cases you could be able to book a Dance Space for multiple hours and in other cases you could not.

Artistic Residencies have a different price setting. While in the other types of Dance Spaces the price is a price/hour, every Artistic Residency is set to have a price/day. We recommend to carefully read the Host’s rules about that Space to make sure about the amount of time you can rent that Space.

Also keep in mind that price/day does not necessarily mean that you will be allowed to perform an overnight booking on that property. Again, make sure with the property owner about that possibility.

Sure. As a Host you can offer special discounts to your Guests if they book your place for more than 1 hour. You can customize those settings when listing the property. You can always edit your Dance Spaces and change the settings anytime.

We don’t apply any commission to Hosts when someone books their space. It’s just free to use and you earn the price you set.


We charge Guests a 10% commission on every booking, which is way less than many other platforms do. Whether you are booking, as a Guest, a Dance Space for 2 people or for a group of 20, the commission will be the same, and won’t be multiplied by the number of Guests.

Yes. You can feature your Dance Space by clicking on the Star icon close to your Dance Space in the “Listings” section of your Profile.

If you need more information about what you will get with a Featured Dance Space, you can find everything you need to know here

Yes, Hosts can require Guests to pay a fully refundable security deposit.

While we cannot process security deposits as payment “Extras” for bookings, you are free to ask your Guests to provide a security deposit in cash or by using other payment methods (e.g. check, Venmo, Paypal). You can collect the payment however you want but you must guarantee your Guests that you will refund the entire amount at the end of the booking, provided there are no damages to the rented space.

If you want to require a security deposit, we recommend to be specific. Do not forget to include the information in your listing details by including the amount of money required for it and how/when it will be collected and refunded.

You can block the dates/hours by visiting your single listing page (e.g. if just one of your studios is not available that day) and click on Calendar. Please keep in mind that every calendar displayed on each of your listing pages is independent from the others.

If you want to see your active bookings all in the same calendar you can click on Calendar in your User Menu (click on your username to see it).

On each listing page you can find a weekly calendar with days/times. Select a time slot (tap on it on mobile).

When selected the time slot will turn blue. Click on the Lock icon to lock that specific time slot. To unlock it, select it again and click on the Unlock icon. You can repeat this process as many times as you want. A blocked slot will turn pink.

You can also customize the shade of pink by tapping multiple times on the Lock icon if you need it. The different shade of pink won’t affect the blocked time, it’s just aesthetic and can be used as a personal reference for you and your staff.

E.g. You may need to use “light pink” meaning “Studio closed” or “dark pink” meaning “studio already in use”. 

Your Guests won’t be able to see your listings’ calendar but each calendar will affect your Guests’ bookings. This means that if you block “Monday, May 8th, from 1pm to 2pm”, your Guests won’t be able to select that day and time slot when booking.

Anyway, in case of doubt, they can message you for asking specific availabilities whenever they want (there’s a Message button on each of your listings).

If you want to see your active bookings all in the same calendar as a Host, you can click on Calendar in your User Menu (click on your username to see it).

You can also manage them in the same menu by clicking directly on Bookings.

Bug Reports

Category: Bug Reports

That’s great!
Well, actually not for us. But we’re glad you found it. Please let us know by filling out our Contact form. We will be glad to fix it and improve your user experience on the website 🙂

Billing and Payouts

You can cashout your pending balance after reaching the minimum cashout amount requested (100$). This is an amount you can easily reach with 3-4 hours of booking.

We manually review every payment and transaction at the end of each month for safety reasons. You will receive your money during the first week of the following month. Please note that it may take up to 7 days to review your bookings and transactions of the past month.

At the moment we offer Direct Deposit as a cashout method.

In order to receive a payment you must submit your payment information in the window that opens after selecting your cashout method in the cashout section of your Account (Cashout Balance).

We are working to introduce Venmo too (which is not available yet). If you live in the US you can create a FREE Venmo account here.

Account Management

Category: Account Management

When listing your first Dance Space you need first to fill out all the information related to your activity as a Host. If after clicking on “List a Dance Space” you get redirected to your Profile it means you still have to finish filling out your profile as a Host. It usually takes less than 5 minutes.

Category: Account Management

If you have a Host Account you can add way more information about your activity than a normal user.

After registering to Dancerents your Account is considered a “Guest” Account until you list and publish your first Dance Space.

If you see Hosts having more information displayed on their profiles it’s because Hosts have more profile fields to fill out than normal users (Guests).

At the moment it’s not possible for normal users (Guests) have the same profile fields as Hosts profiles.

Category: Account Management

If you have a Guest account your profile is not and won’t be public, visible and accessible to any user of the website but Hosts.

Only Hosts can visit and see your Account but just when/if you book one of their Dance Spaces and/or send them a message.

If you see other public Accounts on Dancerents it’s because those are Hosts Accounts, which are always public.

If your account doesn’t look like theirs it’s because your account is a Guest Account. You can have a profile like Hosts have just if you publish at least one Dance Space on the website. After that, your Account will be automatically transformed into a Host Account and it will become visible to all website’s users.

If you have a Host account your profile should have more features and menu items than Guest Accounts (e.g. “Listings”, “Calendar”, “Bookings”, etc).

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