Theater or Auditorium for Performance

Twin Cities, Minnesota, United States

I’m looking for affordable performance space for a ballet recital in May (preferred) or June of 2024. Total number of hours needed would depend on audience capacity and available hours each day. 8 hours of rehearsal, 1.5 hours per performance, plus set up and clean up time each day of the rental.

Ideal would be Thursday and Friday tech rehearsals (starting between 4 and 5 pm each day, with load in time about 1 to 2 hours prior to tech start) and Saturday daytime performances (however many needed to accommodate approximately 500 audience members between the performances).

I am able to be flexible with everything scheduling wise, as long as it doesn’t end up costing more than my ideal set up would.

Budget note: My target goal is $2000 to $3000 total for the entire rental (rehearsals and performances), including any required staff and equipment costs, although I am willing to consider more expensive spaces if they have the right set up.

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