If you need to find a dance studio rental near you, whether it be for a day or for a longer period, you definitely need to consider these 3 platforms.

Relying on a dance space rental platform is safer and better than just looking around for something good in your area. Unfortunately, even if the majority of people hosting a space is honest, there could be hosts who know how to attract new visitors to charge them hidden fees or just to never give them back the “security deposit” for unknown reasons.
Let’s not talk about scammy websites and fake announcements listed everywhere on the Internet (be careful on Yelp or Craiglist). Credit card transactions are non refundable. Once you send the money, they’re lost forever.

But let’s move to the best 3 websites to find a dance studio rental near you!

Where to find a Dance Studio rental near you

1. Dancerents

What makes Dancerents different from its competitors is that it’s a highly targeted platform, specifically made for dancers, artists and people working closely with the world of dancing in general. On Dancerents you can find places conceived for dancers and performers such as dance studios, photographic studios, dance venues and theaters. Whether you need a space for:

  • working out
  • taking classes
  • holding auditions or rehearsals
  • a choreographic project
  • a dance / video shooting
  • a dance-based movie
  • a show or recital
  • a dance event, conference or meeting

Dancerents has it all.

find a dance studio rental near you Dancerents

The most important thing is that Dancerents doesn’t just offer spaces, experiences or physical tools. It offers what you need the most: creative, inspirational and exclusive spaces at an affordable price (let’s not forget that!)

Dancerents gets a 10% commission on each booking (which is the lowest applicable fee) to keep everything free for guests and hosts and to cover transaction costs.

As a welcome bonus, you can also use the coupon LETSDANCE to receive a discount of 5% on your first approved booking on Dancerents (if you’re wondering it, yes, it’s still valid in the moment you’re reading this).

2. Peerspace

Peerspace is another space rental platform widely used for short term rentals, just like Dancerents. The difference between the two is that Peerspace is not specifically made for dancers and artists, but can be used by anyone looking for any space to rent (such as an office, a barn for a wedding, an apartment, a garage, etc). Basically, while on Dancerents you can find ONLY spaces for dancers, on Peerspace you can find ANY space (along with a small quantity of dance spaces too). So, unless you want to hold auditions in a barn (that would be fun though), you may want to consider other options. Anyway, many spaces can be really creative so, depending on your needs, you can find something useful.

Peerspace is probably more indicated for special occasions and group parties, which includes weddings, birthdays, business meetings, etc.

Talking about commisions, Peerspace applies a commission of 15-18% for hosts and a smaller fee for guests even if that may vary. They write:

The guest processing fee is a percentage of the booking subtotal (including cleaning fees) and is added to all transactions. It is calculated based on multiple factors […] (from peerspace fees overview)


Giggster can be a good compromise for those looking for a flexible and versatile location, as the website can offer working venues, artistic venues and party venues. While you may not find a lot when typing “dance studio”, you can find a good number of solutions if you’re looking for general artistic locations. They can be expensive or bigger than what you need, but if that’s exactly what you need, you’re in the right place!

Giggster is another platform where you can find creative and interesting spaces to rent. We recommend it if you are a large group rather than an individual, as the fees are similar to those applied by Peerspace.

In particular, Giggster takes 15% commission from your location fee (source Giggster). Also, they charge a 9% processing fee to renters.

If you’re ready to get creative and find a Dance Studio rental near you, you can now choose between 3 great platforms 🙂

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