So, black Marley or grey Marley? What’s really better?

When it comes to decide what’s the best option for your Dance Studio, you need to know there are pros and cons on both sides. That’s why we would like to help you with this.

Short answer: there’s not the best option in general, but there’s for sure the best option for your specific case.

Many people when it’s time to decide whether to use a black Marley or a grey Marley think that the color affects just the “scuffs and marks” part. But you also have to consider many other aesthetic and functional factors: what color are your walls / your ceiling / your doors / your logos? How will the Marley perform?

So let’s break it down.

1. Scuffs and marks

The black Marley here probably wins. The black color hides better all kinds of scuffs and marks, while they could become pretty visible on the grey Marley in a few months.

2. Cleaning: black Marley or grey Marley?

When the floor gets dirty, both colors won’t be able to hide the residues. So the only thing that can help you there, is the right product to treat the floor. There are a few methods to clean a Marley, but we’ll talk about that in another post.

Another thing to consider is that the black Marley leaves more residue (even on shoes sometimes). So, if you don’t like to see the “dirty effect” under your dancers’ shoes, better choose the grey Marley, it will limit the effect a little bit more.

black marley or grey marley

3. Place and placement

Another important element is the place where you’re using it and its placement. This means that you have to think about the location AND everything that will sit on that Marley – almost for ever (such as props, piano, chairs…)
Talking about the space, if you use it in a Studio, think about the colors of your space and try to see which Marley color is matching better.
If you’re using it on stage, you may also want to consider the effect that the lightings will have on your Marley.
More in general, the black Marley absorbs the other colors and the heat more than the grey one. This means that everything will look darker (and sometimes smaller), while using a black Marley. Anyway, some people find the black Marley more elegant than the grey one.

We hope you may have more elements now to choose the best for your Dance Space.

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