3 Room Dance Studio Great for classes or photo shoots

Apollo Beach, FL

3 Room Dance Studio Great for classes or photo shoots
3 Room Dance Studio Great for classes or photo shoots


Amenities: Air Conditioning, Chairs, Mirrors, Restrooms, Speakers, Tables, TV, Wall Barres, Wifi
Accessibility and Safety: Free Parking, Street-Level Access
Style: Industrial
Capacity: 100 people
Sq Footage: 2800
Reservations Open: June 1, 2023 12:00 am
Cancellation Policies: Flexible
Important Things to Know:

Space available most days early morning until 4pm. Please message me with your dates and times. Available weekends all day long.
Space to be used for private lessons, ballroom, pilates, yoga, gymnastics, music et..
Also can be use for photographers for photo shoots.
Must provide proof of insurance.
No pets
please leave Studio cleaned as it was when you came in.
Desk and computer space not to be used.

As a Guest you can check the Cancellation Policies here.


Apollo Beach, FL


3 Room studio Great for classes or photo shoots in Apollo Beach, Florida.

Waiting Room:
As dancers and visitors enter your studio, they step into a spacious and inviting waiting room. The walls are painted in soothing colors, creating a calm and relaxing atmosphere. Seating arrangements, in a way that allows parents and guests to relax while waiting for classes to begin or watch ongoing dance sessions on the viewing TVs. The room is well-lit with natural light streaming through large windows, giving it an airy and open feel. A reception desk is positioned near the entrance

Dance Studios:
There are three spacious dance studios, each designed to cater to different classes or dance styles. These studios have high ceilings to allow for jumps and lifts, creating a sense of freedom and fluidity. The walls are adorned with full-length mirrors that cover one side, providing ample space for dancers to observe and perfect their technique.

In each studio, sturdy and well-maintained barres are attached to the walls, offering dancers a stable support during warm-ups and exercises.

Viewing TVs:
Adjacent to the waiting room or strategically placed within each dance studio, you have installed large flat-screen TVs. These TVs are mounted on the walls and connected to cameras placed within the studios, providing a live feed of the ongoing dance sessions. Parents and guests in the waiting room can watch their loved ones practice or perform, enhancing the overall experience and involvement.

Mon – Sun7:03 pm – 11:59 pm
50,00 €
Please select one or more subsequent time slots.

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