If your listing gets rejected don’t take it personally, this is not for ever! Our Team doesn’t take into account how your Dance Space looks like (sometimes we have to reject really cool Spaces) but how your listing details look like. If you’re here it means you really want to make your Dance Space stand out and we want to help you achieve that goal. Here are 5 common mistakes Space owners can do when listing a property:

1. Photos

  • Make sure to upload high quality photos of your Space.
  • Just upload photos related to a single Dance Space. If you have more than one Dance Space, you should submit as many listings as the Dance Spaces you want to rent. There’s an exception, that is, if you have multiple Dance Spaces and they all have the same price and features, you can list them together, but don’t forget to add a photo for each space. So, for instance:

    YES: 1 Dance Space = 1 Price = 1 Listing
    NO: 5 Dance Spaces = 3 Prices = 1 Listing
    YES: 4 Dance Spaces = 4 Prices = 4 Listings

    If among your options there’s the one of renting the whole building (e.g. 4 Dance Spaces), you can create an additional listing for it (don’t forget to update the price).

    It’s not just us, we promise. Apartment platforms like Airbnb or Booking do exactly the same and here’s the reason.

    Just think of this scenario: would you book a Studio in a property displaying 4 different kinds of Spaces mixed in a single listing, without knowing which one you’re paying for and which one you will get once you arrive? Do they really have the same price/size/amenities?

    Anyway, you can still include in your Dance Space listing additional photos featuring the building, extra amenities, the frontdesk or the common areas, the dressing rooms, etc.
  • As previously suggested, adding photos displaying the surrounding area is totally fine. Adding the photo of your cat is not. Keep posting photos who can represent your Space.
  • Inappropriate content is strictly forbidden.

2. Asking Guests to pay/inquire for their booking outside of Dancerents

  • Sounds a bit scammy, right? All bookings must be made directly on Dancerents. If a user doesn’t book through the platform, you and your Guests won’t be covered in case of last minute cancellations, frauds or scams. This is because scammers could create fake listings to attract customers outside of the website and ask them to pay for Spaces that don’t even exist. Others instead, can use stolen credit cards to make fraudulent payments on your website.
  • Avoid redirecting users to your website to do what they can already do on your listing page on Dancerents.

    This may sound good to you but actually users will just wonder why you are trying to redirect them to your website while they can book your Space directly here. We also offer an integrated Messaging System, so there’s no need to ask your guests to send you an e-mail (in case of need we can access your conversations here to protect you against scams and bad guests).
    Some disadvantages of user redirection are:

    you won’t be covered by us in case of last minute cancellations, refunds, scams and frauds
    the user may lose trust in your organization
    the user may quit the booking process (too many steps) and try to find another listing to book easily
    you’ll have to pay payment processors fees (we cover them for you on Dancerents)

    You can still create a link that goes from your website to your Dancerents Page/Space. This way your website SEO can benefit from the reciprocal linking (as everything, make sure to respect the recommended best practices and avoid using it in a spammy way, Google will notice the difference).

3. Cancellation policies

  • At this time we do not accept custom cancellation policies since it can be confusing for the Guests. Every listing must display which one among our 3 cancellation policies the Host is going to adopt. Your Guests must know how in advance they can cancel without penalties. Moreover, displaying custom/duplicated/different cancellation policies in your listing details or description can lead customers to quit the booking process.

    If your listing requires special policies or conditions you can let us know. We are able to create custom policies for certain kinds of Space.

4. Publicly displaying personal information and/or Advertising

  • We do not recommend to publicly display personal information such as e-mails, phone numbers, bank account numbers, etc. Our Team may delete those information from your listing for your safety.
  • Do not advertise a product or a service in your listing description. You are allowed to let your guests know they can enjoy a coffee at the coffee shop inside your Space. You can’t just focus on advertising the products your coffee shop is selling, while listing a Dance Space.
  • Do not advertise Courses. Don’t forget your Guests are looking for a Dance Space to rent, not for a Course to buy. Anyway, if you want to get more people to your Courses, you can let your Guests know about it when you meet them in person on the booking date. They could get interested in it!

5. Fake/misleading/missing information

  • Try to be clear and honest when posting a listing. Some consequences of missing or misleading information can be:

    Wrong opening/closing time: guests arrive at your building and find the Space closed because you wrote the wrong opening time.
    Missing extra fees: guests book a Space and they are required, after arriving, to pay an extra for cleaning because the owner forgot to specify it in the listing extras (keep in mind that asking for money in person, counts as a transaction out of the website, so we are unable to provide any support for it).
    Wrong addess: guests arrive and don’t find the Space (!)
    Fake information: guests are told there’s a ground level parking but there’s not.
    Missing service: guests are told the Dance Space can provide a certain service but the service is currently not available.

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