This is a very specific approach to using color in a studio apartment. And it is definitely not the only way!

So first, let’s talk about how to make your color palette cohesive. So here’s how this works. You choose one base color for all of the larger items in your space. This can be your couch, your arm chair, your desk, your dining table, any sort of larger items in your space. These are the items that really anchor your space! By the way, when we talk about color, we are really talking about color families. You don’t have to be super strict about this.

We also recommend your base color be a neutral. So white, beige, brown, black, charcoal, gray. By making your base color a neutral, that makes the next part of the formula even easier to implement, and that is to choose an accent color. 

Here’s another thing to consider when trying to choose the colors in your space. This one’s really simple. What do you already have in your apartment? Start with those and develop your ideas. Not only does it tell you about your personal taste and color, but really it’s more budget friendly. If you already have a certain color present in your space, it simply means you won’t have to buy as many new things. 

Here’s one more tip for how to choose which colors to use in your space. Simply pay attention to what you’re attracted to when you’re out in the world! 

When you’re out for a walk, what colors stand out to you? Actually pay attention to what you pass in your real life and be mindful of that. Allow that to give you insight. 

The World out there can give you the best suggestions! 🙂

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