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So how to manage a dance studio rental in the most effective and efficient way? Let’s start with some common myths…

“If your Dance Studio has a social media page and a website you will start getting more customers, students and money” FALSE

Probably you heard those magic words a lot of times.

Well, the bad news is: no, having a website and a social media page doesn’t automatically gets you more people or income.

You still need to get followers, website visitors and, more in general, increase the brand awareness of your business.

“If I have a website people will find me on Google after searching terms such as “Dance Studio”. FALSE

People don’t consider SEO (Search engine optimization). Google “Dance Studio” or “Dance School” (you can use a tool like this one) and find your website in the results page. Unless you did some optimization you won’t find yourself easily. That’s because in your area there are probably 100 other Dance Studios (guess what?) with a website AND a social media page.

On rental platforms like Dancerents instead, you will be able to list your Studio and make it standout with both free and paid strategies. You can really manage your dance studio rental easily and with a lot of free tools. The free strategies include some benefits you will automatically get when becoming a user, such as a bette ranking on SERP. We also have an optimized results page specifically focused on Dance Studios. On our platform people looking for spaces to rent can use our enhanced search filters and forms to find exactly what they’re looking for. As a paid feature you can also sponsor your space to make it appear in the first results.

“If I put a rental page/announcement directly on my website I can make more money and I can get more people to my Studio” FALSE

As previously explained, before renting your Dance Studio people will need to know it exists. Just an example: would you be able to know the name of someone you meet without introducing to each other? Unless that person is pretty famous, you probably won’t. If no one knows your Studio exists why should they rent it?

On Dancerents everyone knows it’s possible to find Dance Studios in your area and rent them. This means our website is already filled with people interested in Dance Studios for rent. No need to advertise your website, create rental pages, manage bookings via Google forms or other complicated paid add-ons.

Oh, talking about paid add-ons…

Do you want to be able to add the following features to your booking form on your website FOR FREE?

  • Custom prices according to the date/time
  • Charging extras for special services (cleaning service, using the studio for commercial purposes, filming or holding auditions…)
  • Allow your guests to pay directly on your website without having to set up complicated payment methods
  • Specify dates/time when your studio is available for booking
  • Set up an automatic/manual approval of every booking
  • See all of your bookings in a Calendar and manage them from there without having to use an external app

These are just some of the features that you can get for free on Dancerents, without spending a single dollar on website developing.

Do you want to start renting your Dance Space today? Let’s start from here.

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