If you’re looking for some good Dance Studios for rent in Canada here’s a complete list of our top 5 Dance Spaces that we recommend. When choosing a Dance Space to rent it’s important to consider the floor, the light, the size and the equipment available. According to these criteria, these are our top choices for the best Dance Studios for rent in Canada for the month of May 2023.

1. Gorgeous Dance Studio Space (Toronto)

When renting a Dance Studio it’s important to consider both the Dance Space and the amenities available. This Studio, not far from Toronto, offers two different Spaces and a really great amount of amenities, including: Air Conditioning, Heating, Portable Barres, Wall Barres, Wifi, Free Parking, Smoke Detector, Sprung Floor, Street-Level Access, Wheelchair Accessibility. There’s also a small kitchen for those who need it!
You can find more information about this Studio right here

2. Charming Industrial Style Studio (Vancouver)

Another great canadian Dance Studio for Rent is this industrial-style Space, in Vancouver. Along with amenities and features such as WiFi, Sprung Floor, a kitchen for quick meals, this Space can also offer a comfy space for guests where to chill and relax.

You can find more information about this Studio right here

3. Three Dance Studios for rent in Canada, Ontario (North York)

This Space offers 3 different Dance Studios for Rent in Canada, North York. Each Studio offers different amenities, equipment and features. If you’re undecided you can really have a chance to find the best Dance Studio suitable for your needs here.
Visit Studio A (Day Studio)
See Studio B (Night Studio)
Visit Studio C (Petite)

4. Brand new dance studio with two sprung-foor rooms (Toronto)

This brand new Dance Studio for rent in Canada offers everything that a new Dance Space can have: State of the art sprung flooring that helps to prevent injuries to joints or muscles, Top of the line dual sound system, Professional dual wall-mounted ballet barres and wall to wall mirrors, Large variety of mats and tumbling equipment, Large parking lot with 20+ available spots next to the building, Two fully updated private washrooms, a break area and a lounge area. There are even more features actually!

You can find more information about this Studio right here

5. Dance Studio on the Danforth (Toronto)

If you don’t like to have too many people around while rehearsing your pieces, this Dance Studio for rent in Canada (Toronto) is perfect. A cozy but large space for your artistic needs! Sprung floor and full mirrors in the studio are guaranteed.
For those who love (or need) LIVE music, the Studio can also offer a Piano!

You can find more information about this Studio right here

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