Renting your dance studio by yourself

Pros of renting your dance studio by yourself:

  • You can manage your bookings your way (even if it could mean for your guests to go through more steps)
  • You can customize the style of your Rental page however you want


  • You have to set up payment processors by yourself or accepting payments in person (what if someone books the Studio and doesn’t show up?)
  • You have to pay commissions for each payment processor you’re going to use (usually between 3% and 5% on every payment + a fixed fee ranging between 0.5$ and 3.5$ per transaction)
  • No coverage against frauds and scams, no refunds, no coverage against last-minute booking cancellations
  • Your website could not look professional (unless you hire a web developer/designer to do so, which costs you around 500-2000$)
  • You have limited booking features to offer to your guests
  • Less transparency and flexibility during the booking process
  • Less customer reach and awareness (no one will rent your Studio unless they know it exists/they find it on the Internet)
  • You have to run marketing campaigns on Google and other social medias to increase the brand awareness of your Studio (marketers recommend to invest around 100$ of advertising every month if you need to build brand awareness as a small business)
renting your dance studio by yourself

Listing your Studio on Dancerents

Pros of Dancerents:

  • People can pay by using our seamless payment processors
  • You don’t pay payment processors commissions (we pay them)
  • Protection against frauds, scams and last-minute booking cancellations
  • Listing your Dance Space is Free and you can list as many Dance Spaces as you wish
  • Your listing page looks super cool and professional (and you can just link it to your website as a normal webpage!)
  • You can offer your guests an amazing booking experience with a lot of custom features and details you may want to add (e.g. 1. Custom prices according to the date/time; 2. Charging extras for special services such as cleaning, using the studio for commercial purposes, filming or holding auditions; 3. Allow your guests to pay directly on your website without having to set up complicated payment methods; 4. Specify dates/time when your studio is available for booking; 5. Set up an automatic/manual approval of every booking; 6. See all of your bookings in a Calendar and manage them from there without having to use an external app)
  • Super transparent and flexible booking process (guests know exactly what they are paying for and why)
  • You can benefit the visibility that Dancerents can give to your space for free
  • No advertising costs
  • Customize your listing and your booking page however you want

Cons of Dancerents:

  • The website takes out a small commission on your final price.
    Other websites usually apply a 10-15% commission (which means they keep between 2$ and 10$ depending on the final amount paid by the guest). Payment processors add another 4-10$ total commission (depending on their flat fee per transaction + the commission percentage applied). The small commission we apply is way smaller than that and it allows us to keep the website running, giving you all the services for free and cover maintenance costs
  • You can’t customize your listing page to match your website’s colors or style (just aesthetically speaking). But you can still customize basically everything else! Moreover, your page will look very professional and you can easily link a button on your website to your Dancerents listing!

If you are interested in listing your Dance Space you can start by creating a free account here

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