If you want to make your dance studio stand out there are tons of things you can do. And this is a good news. What we’ll take care about in this post is the visual aspect. Everything today is visual. Before knowing the tuition prices or evaluating the quality of teaching, students and parents will just see how your studio looks. If your studio looks old, disorganized, messy or dirty, they won’t probably come back, even if your prices are lower. They will think that your prices are lower because of how your studio looks and not because you’re just offering a better price.

So how to make your dance studio stand out (visually)?

1. Your frontdesk is your business card

If your frontdesk is messy, dirty or full of documents and sheets coming out from everywhere, that’s already a red flag. They will think (consciously or unconsciously) that that’s how you manage your activites, classes and your studio in general.

Try to organize everything so your desk looks clean and tidy. Ask also your frontesk staff to take care of it daily, it’s very important. It will be easier to find anything you’re looking for when everything is in the right place.

make your dance studio stand out

2. Floor

Having the right dance floor is fundamental. If you didn’t invest in a sprung floor yet, you probably should. You can find some DIY solutions on the Internet but we recommend to use a professional installation of a sprung floor combined with a Marley floor. You can read more about why it’s so important in this post. If you are considering to get one but you’re undecided about the color (usually black or grey), you can read this article instead.

It’s becoming more and more common to hear parents or dancers asking about the type of flooring the studio is currently using. Anyway, if the dance styles you offer at your studio do not require a specific flooring you may be good with the one you already have.

3. Dance studio decor and amenities

Furniture, decorations and amenities do the remaining 50% of the job. A good strategy is to ask someone (or just do it yourself) to enter your studio and freely visit it. As a guest, is there something you feel like it’s missing? Is there something important that’s too hidden from your visitors’ perspective? Is it easy to change in the dressing room or to find a place for your stuff as a dancer? Do you have closets? Tables? Chairs? Where can visitors seat? Are there enough restrooms? Are they clean? Did you hang some dance pictures on your walls? Are they coherent with your space or they just show random pictures like a cat with a tutu? Is there a place where students can warmup their food? Is each studio soundproof?

These are just many

Ehm, these are just some questions you should ask yourself. Not all amenities are really necessary. You’re offering a dance studio not an apartment though. As long as they can dance in a good, clean and safe space it’s ok as it is.

These were just 3 ideas to make your dance studio stand out (visually). There are obviously way more ideas and methods to get the same result. But now you know 3 more! 🙂

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