What is a Marley dance floor? Maybe you heard so many times about this “thing”, but do you know what that is or what’s the origin of the name?

What is a Marley dance floor: the name

The name comes from a business named The Marley Company in England. Marley Company was the first business to invent and develop a wide number of vinyl dance floor surfaces. The first surfaces were easily portable and were usually black and/or grey. Many other companies during the ’70s, started adopting the same model in the USA, and launched their own companies. The Marley Company slowly disappeared, in favor of new giants such as Harlequin floors, just to name one.

what is a marley dance floor

Marley vs vinyl

Is there any difference between Marley floors and vinyl floors? Yes. First of all, Marley is the common name used today for vinyl floors used for dancing. But there are tons of vinyl floors which are not suitable for dancing at all, so be careful when choosing! As they say “The same boiling water that softens the potato, hardens the egg”. So, not all vinyl floors can be a healthy choice for your dance studio and your dancers.

What a Marley floor is made of?

Thin sheet vinyl or PVC plastic are usually adopted in the construction of a marley dance floor. They can be thin or thick, but the thing you shouldn’t forget, is to install them on a proper floor. The ideal floor should be a wooden sprung floor, but there could be other solutions you may want to consider and which can give you (almost) the same results.

Now that you know what is a Marley dance floor you are finally ready to go to the next steps, such as choosing the right one, choosing the right color (yes, the color makes the difference too), and so on.

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